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Choisir la Meilleure Position pour Dormir enceinte : Protégez le Bien-être de Bébé avec ces Conseils

Choosing the Best Position for Sleeping While Pregnant: Protect Baby’s Well-Being with These Tips

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to giving pregnancy advice.

“We should sleep like this to get a good rest!”

“Sleeping on your back will pose no risk to your child.”

With the wealth of information available on the Internet, it can be downright disconcerting at times. So, what is the most comfortable sleeping position for a pregnant woman? Here are the facts.

Misconception: It is dangerous to lie on your back during pregnancy The reality is that most doctors recommend sleeping on your left side rather than your right. This is because the vena cava, which carries deoxygenated blood back to the heart to be oxygenated, is to the right of your spine. This allows blood to flow more freely to your baby. You are advised to avoid sleeping on your back mainly because it can cause back pain, shortness of breath and digestive problems.

One theory also suggests that lying on your back compresses the vena cava, disrupting blood flow to the baby. It is completely safe for pregnant women to sleep on their backs for comfort during the first trimester. However, as your belly grows and puts pressure on your spine and back muscles, it becomes more practical to sleep on your side. So, yes, sleeping on your back is perfectly safe as long as you start changing positions in the second trimester.

Can your sleeping position cause a stillbirth? Although some studies have found a small link between stillbirth and sleeping position, there is no strong evidence that sleeping on your baby during pregnancy can harm your baby. The findings come from a few studies: A 2017 University of Auckland study found that pregnant women who sleep on their backs during their third trimester may put undue pressure on their fetuses, increasing the risk of stillbirth .

Another 2011 study of 500 pregnant women found that a supine position during sleep increased the risk of late stillbirth, although other pregnancy complications may have influenced these results. Additionally, a 2019 study published in The Lancet concluded that avoiding sleeping on your back during pregnancy would reduce the risk of stillbirth by 6%.

And don't worry if you wake up sleeping on your back! Your baby is safe because your body would become dizzy and nauseous before your baby is actually in danger of not getting enough oxygen.

Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women The best sleeping position to adopt at all stages of pregnancy is “SOS” (sleeping on your side). This provides the best circulation not only for you, but also for your baby. SOS reduces pressure on your internal organs and veins while increasing the amount of blood and nutrients reaching the placenta. Make sure your knees and legs are bent to stay comfortable. Sleeping on your side can significantly reduce back pain. This position, combined with the use of a pregnancy pillow, can help with heartburn and shortness of breath, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.

A new study suggests that pregnant women can choose any comfortable position for the majority of the pregnancy. More than 8,700 women were asked about their sleeping positions multiple times during their pregnancies. A third of the participants also underwent a sleep study in which their positions were recorded. Researchers looked at various negative pregnancy outcomes, such as stillbirth, blood pressure disorders, and having a baby that was too small for gestational age. These results were observed in 22% of the women in the study.

However, when researchers compared these pregnancy complications to a woman's sleeping position, they found no connection. Dr. Robert Silver, lead author of the study, said more research should be done later in pregnancy to see if the results remain the same.

In conclusion, SOS should be the preferred sleeping position for pregnant women to ensure their safety. What is the most comfortable sleeping position for you? If you use a pregnancy pillow, how does it help you sleep more peacefully? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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